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In Marina Del Rey, a waterfront penthouse features an intriguing blend of modern design together with warm, feminine accents.

When the panorama is grandiose outside, the only way to keep attention inside is to create interiors that are just as eyecatching. This is exactly the challenge facing the designers of this two-story, five-bedroom penthouse located in the Marina City Club Towers. Built in 1963, both buildings boast breathtaking views of the harbor and the ocean beyond.

“These towers were here before everything else existed in the marina area,” say Vince Dwyer and Stephanie Jesman. The duo represent MASS Beverly, a firm launched in 2014 by Mary Ta, founder of the Minotti Los Angeles showroom, and Lars Hypko, an expert in the application of highend custom furniture systems. Both Ta and Hypko also contributed to this project.

Inside, a contemporary aesthetic prevails. The spacious, semi-open plan was made possible by the conversion of a neighboring penthouse, effectively doubling the square footage. The project, which took 18 months to complete, was a carefully considered process where each detail, from furniture to lighting, was carefully considered. One of the biggest challenges was capturing the homeowner’s diverse taste and references. “Although she likes modern, she is very eclectic and wanted a soft, feminine appeal,” remembers Dwyer. “It is a different-than-typical aesthetic and was an exciting challenge.”

The intention was to create an environment that would uniquely represent the owner in a space that is both an invitation to entertain and a haven of peace. “The client was definitely our inspiration,” says Jesman. “We looked to her personal affects, how she dresses, her personality, and where she is from—India.”

The designers used a diverse mixture of materials including brushed brass, glass, onyx, and metal. “We have many layers in suede, mohair, and velvet,” describes Dwyer. “They reflect a sense of luxe the owner likes, with a sophisticated edge.”

Pieces of furniture and lighting by brands distributed by MASS Beverly adorn the spaces, which blend European sensibility and the American lifestyle, as well as artisanal methods and technology.

In the living room, a GTV Design sofa and Minotti armchairs surround a Gallotti&Radice coffee table with a side table by Giobagnara. The kitchen was outfitted with Henge bar stools meant for casual breakfasts or evening cocktails in front of the island, illuminated by eye-catching Melogranoblu hanging light fixtures.

In the dining room, bright tones were paired with complimentary black accents and furnished with a Minotti console as well as Gallotti&Radice chairs and table to anchor the center of the space. Double-height ceilings mean plenty of natural light to illuminate the Rimadesio shelving, geometrical Florim wall tiles, Melogranoblu lights, and Ernestomeda cabinetry. The main bedroom, on the other hand, is more subtle, though still full of personality. Here, Wall&Deco wallpaper, a Matthew McCormick light, and Minotti chair and ottoman are the stars of the show. In the bathroom, an Antonio Lupi mirror plays with light and shadow.

In terms of color, the homeowner’s love for gold, purple, and pink guided the final selection. “We gave her champagne, rose gold and amethyst tones,” say Dwyer and Jesman. “She didn’t want it to feel like it was old, but new modern with a classic feel.”

Bringing this apartment to life also involved a search for balance between the creative minds who collaborated along the way. “What was fun is that my design partner on this project, Stephanie Jesman, and I have very different aesthetics,” notes Dwyer. “[While] being the man I [introduce something more] feminine [into] my design whereas Stephanie can have a very masculine edge. The client really liked the way we worked together and how we were able to harmonize our visions to create the space of her dreams.”

Photography by: Nils Timm

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